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Who We Are

Executive Perks was established in 2004, breaking into the Denver market with one Owner/Barista and one cart. 6 years later we are 10 carts strong offering not only coffee, but also Omelet, Belgian Waffle, Crepe, Ice Cream, and Smoothie carts. For years we have relied on "word of mouth" to build our business. And build the business it has! We have never sent out mass emails to advertise our carts, we are not in the phone book, and until now we haven't had a web site. We are a small boutique catering company that takes pride in what we do, and after an event our clients are always happy to pass along our name and refer us to friends and colleagues. And that is how we've grown our company, not only in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, and Colorado Springs, but also in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and West Palm Beach, Florida. Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida opened recently as well.


Coffee is our foundation, our passion, and our specialty! We use only the finest "organic, shade grown, bird friendly, bought on the fair trade market, locally roasted, Colombian coffee"! Our lattes are served in large 12oz. cups (double shot) and our steamed milk is always frothy and rich. Our uniformed baristas are well trained, personable and punctual.


Order an Executive Perks Coffee Cart for your next event....we look forward to serving you!


-Susan "Sammi" Neale





Perky Customers

"I love to reward my employees with coffee cart service from Executive Perks. Everyone gets excited when the smell of coffee fills the air... and I know the service will be exceptional every time. They far exceed my expectations, not to mention their coffee and snacks are delicious!"


-Walter, VP of Biz Dev
Boulder, CO